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    Best Computer Companies In The World

    Best Computer Companies in the World – Nowadays, we can access email super fast, play various games, type easily, design our dream home, and even make face-to-face telephone calls on one device. Yes, by using a computer, you can really combine all your different tasks in one gadget. There are even devices called laptops, portable computers with similar functions.

    All this was achieved thanks to the hard work of computer companies. With their huge contribution to the world, we can access anything easily, even working remotely from your home. You can do anything, any job, using software from a small but compact laptop.

    Thanks to computer companies you all can reap all these benefits. However, among all the companies spread across the world, there are definitely some of them that are considered the best computer companies compared to others. There is a question in your mind, which is the best computer company in the world? Who are the top computer companies? What is the name of the world’s best computer company?

     The following are some of the best computer companies.

    1. Microsoft :-  Who doesn’t know Microsoft nowadays? Microsoft is one of the best computer companies in the world. Everyone, especially those who work with computers for daily tasks, will recognize it. This giant company is one of the most important companies in decades, with its most prominent Microsoft windows product. Microsoft Windows is an operating system used by more than 1.5 billion people. What a terrifying number! Not only that, they also produce many things besides operating systems and software, such as smartphones, laptops and game consoles (X-Box series).

    2. Apple :- Apart from Microsoft, there is also its biggest rival. Apple, the visionary computer company that changed the world with the “Bitten Apple” symbol as its signature. It is one of the top brands compared to other top computer companies. Starting from a small company selling computers, Apple developed into a multinational company offering multi-purpose products. Their signature lies in their own developed operating system, macOS, which is Microsoft’s Windows equivalent. Apple is also known for its visionary work, combining all utilities in one gadget, they called it iPhone. Apart from iPhones, they also produce other gadgets such as MacBooks, Macintoshes, iPads, and many more.

    3. Hewlett-Packard (HP) :- Talking about computers, HP is, without a doubt, one of the best computer companies. Hailing from California, Los Angeles, HP provides hardware and software services. Although their first product was an audio oscillator, the founders quickly turned HP into a computer company. Not only for business and work events, but HP will also give you the experience of playing computer games with its Legion Series.

    4. Dell :- Even though the Dell company is still relatively young compared to others, that doesn’t mean the company’s credibility is low. In fact, Dell Inc. is a multinational computer company based in Round Rock, Texas. Not only selling computers, Dell also provides computer services and repairs. However, Dell has actually also expanded its market to television and digital camera manufacturers, which makes them one of the largest computer companies in the world.

    5.Lenovo :- Lastly, here’s Lenovo. Compared to the other brands mentioned here, Lenovo is the only one not from the United States. Based in Beijing, China, Lenovo is one of the most influential computer companies. However, their products can vary, including not only personal computers, but also smartphones, tablet computers, smart TVs, IT software, tablet computers, and even servers. Even in 2013, Lenovo had the highest personal computer unit sales.